IGNITE Movement
At IGNITE, we strive to create a more purpose-driven world through the community events, workshops and Annual IGNITE Conference we provide. IGNITE values honesty, openness and altruism which is embodied through our family-like culture, where everyone is welcome. Our three main focus areas within the Purpose-driven world include effective leadership (servant, transformational), human-centric company culture and organizational design. These organisations don’t view profit maximization as the sole and unique goal of the company, but instead seek to implement practices in which purpose and profit are self-reinforcing.
Impulse Network
The Sports Business Club at the University of St. Gallen bridges the gap between the sports and business world. The main focus of our work is the organization of our annual conference - the Impulse Summit. Our flagship event brings together sports industry experts and selected young talents from all over the world. Under a guiding yearly topic, our participants engage in a two-day conference designed to challenge the status quo of the industry.
AIESEC in St. Gallen
We are AIESEC in St. Gallen! AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization and promotes leadership development and cross-cultural communication. Our focus consists of developing the leadership and functional skills of our members and sending students in exchanges in challenging environments abroad. Every year, national conferences with other AIESEC entities around Switzerland contribute to building strong social networks and strengthening our warm AIESEC culture. We are currently organizing workshops in collaboration with other student associations to develop the leadership potential of our members: philosophy in business ethics, story-telling, and body language.
Student Impact
Student Impact seeks to make sustainability integral to the economy by consulting sustainable ventures on business-related mandates. Thus, we support the proliferation of sustainable business ideas, promote the personal development of our members towards responsible leaders of tomorrow and change the landscape of business school education from within.
St. Gallen Model United Nations
St. Gallen MUN offers its students the opportunity to develop their skills and their knowledge in international politics and the work of the United Nations. Through weekly debates, we engage with current issues and developments of global scale by simulating the work of the United Nations. Furthermore, we organise exciting socials and events, such as our famous ball and diplomat talks.
oikos St.Gallen
oikos St.Gallen is the leading student-driven non-profit organization for sustainability in economics and management at the University of St. Gallen. Founded in 1987 the organization empowers student change agents worldwide to embed sustainability academia and from there into day-to-day business, government and personal activities. oikos St. Gallen consists of 104 student members who engage in nine projects where they transform economics and management education by empowering student change agents, by raising awareness for sustainability opportunities and challenges, and by building institutional support for curriculum reform.
The Private Equity & Venture Capital Club (PEVC Club) is an official club at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). Our main focus lies on raising awareness for the private equity and venture capital industry on campus by enhancing our students’ knowledge on the topic. We offer a platform that enables an exchange between professionals, academics, experienced students and newcomers alike. Our members can profit from various events, workshops and social get-togethers.
Data Science and Technology Club
The Data Science and Technology Club promotes digitalisation, data science, and technology, covering a broad range of topics from AI and IoT to Blockchain and Data Visualisation. We offer students a platform to learn, shape, and network, bringing them together with industry experts and allowing them to engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary projects.
PIECES is a student organization from the University of St. Gallen and improves the access to education for children and young adults by organizing projects and teaching English at its partnerschools around the globe. Further initiatives such as building class rooms, providing a sustainable lunch program or distributing project-specific textbooks to the students support the organisation’s vision of fostering education possibilities and personal growth worldwide.
The Student's Consulting Club
The Students’ Consulting Club offers interested and talented students unique opportunities to gain valuable insights into the consulting industry as well as a practical understanding of the profession’s challenges. We are committed to creating sustainable value to students and consulting firms by organizing a variety of interactive and instructive events. Besides this, we provide a linking platform to enable direct interaction, discussion and knowledge exchange between students and business professionals of the consulting branch.
Swiss Sequoia Club (SSC)
When it comes to transforming a business idea into a successful product, most people either have a technological or a business-oriented skill set. In Switzerland, there are a lot of highly talented and well-educated students from ETH, EPFL and HSG, all with brilliant business ideas. Having those students team up to establish a startup, or just drawing them together to share their knowledge and experiences with each other has enormous potential. That is exactly what the Swiss Sequoia Club wants to achieve. We bring together highly motivated people from ETH, EPFL and HSG to connect the student startup ecosystems of Zurich, Lausanne and St. Gallen. We strive for a Swiss environment in which smart ideas result in fast growing, long lasting companies.
START Global
START Global is an internationally positioned organization whilst being locally anchored within European start-up hubs. By this means, it lays the ground for fostering and accelerating regional entrepreneurship ecosystems. On the societal level, our goal is to create a better understanding of tomorrows technological changes and problems. A new generation of students grasping future opportunities is rising in the START Network.

theHUB Team